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Complimentary partners, specialized companies. Each of our companies brings focus and custom solutions to our customers. Relationships, involvement, trust. These are the piers on which we build our partnerships.

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Southern Services Co.

Thank you for visiting our website. For 33 years my vocation has been the refractory and related industries. When I think back on relationships with mentors, teachers, associates, customers, and friends, they all have made a contribution to creating a company to serve industry in new ways but with old fashioned values of service, innovation, and added value. We strive to become a member of our customer's team.

I do not believe there is an industry that uses heat in their process that I have not served in my career. Each one is unique and deserving of our very best. We listen. We learn. We succeed when you succeed.

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Neuex Hearth Products

As long as I can remember, I have been warmed and intrigued by a campfire, a fireplace's glow, or the warmth of a pot bellied stove. I believe warm fires are peaceful and bring family and friends together. Late at night with only the glow from the fire illuminating the room, thoughts of the most important things in life come to mind: faith, family, and friends. It's a matter of reflection.

Applying refractory technology in a steel mill, an aluminum smelter, or a cement plant has its rewards and is of vital importance to be sure. And I am a huge advocate of American industry - it is vital that this country continue to have a viable manufacturing base. It is the foundation of our economy.

But Neuex takes that same refractory technology for lining a blast furnace or glass tank down to the very human level of hearth and home. Whether an outdoor barbecue or stealing away inside from the bitter cold, refractories add value and benefit to the hearth appliances we enjoy.

Neuex Hearth Products wants to help you get the most from your heating appliances. Whether you are the design engineer of a major OEM or a "do-it-yourself" homeowner, we want to help you contain the heat and direct it where you want it: Safety, Efficiency, and Environmentally Friendly.

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