Each customer is unique and requires varying levels of service. Some of our customers are able to provide their own labor or don't require installation or repair services. We support these clients by reliably providing the precise products needed for each specific application, on-time and at competitive prices. We provide stocking, machining, packaging and delivery services for all the products we supply.


We support contractors and installers through stocking and providing access to a complete line of materials and hardware.  We also provide quick response, one source, unique product solutions from Europe such as calcium silicate boards, vermiculite boards, and Skamol Moler Bricks.


With more than 35 years of experience in refractories, our technical knowledge of refractory applications and proper product selection is unmatched.  We will take your unique situation and provide the best  solution possible to meet your specifications and schedule.


Customized problem-solving is our specialty. Customer satisfaction is our commitment.

Our guiding philosophy: take care of the customer and everything else will fall into place. When we do business with a client, regardless of how small or extensive the job, we focus on establishing a long-term relationship. We follow up to ensure the job was done right and identify any future needs. We are backed by our numerous business partners, so if our products are being installed, expect us to be there.